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United States
If you came here for good art you've probably come to the wrong place. I mostly just doodle, if anything at all. If I ever put more on here it'll be few and far between and, most likely of the same quality as the rest.
Why do people change their usernames? I just don't understand these seemingly innane name-changes. Sure there are times when a person really needs to reinvent themselves, but just because you feel like it? How do you even get bored of your name anyways? I've been Crushermach3 on absolutely everything since Planet Hot WheelsIt's even my Facebook url. Does it make a lick of sense to any random Joe who comes across it? Probably not. But it's mine and only mine and I'm keeping it. Not because I'm used to it by now, but because it's who I identify as. It's who I am as well as who I was. "What's in a name?", some might ask. To me a name that you pick for yourself is an expression of who you are at the time. To lose it in favor of something else is to lose a part of yourself. So, to me at least, changing your name is tantamount to changing your whole identity, and when you've done it, not because you needed to be someone else, but because of such frivolity as you felt like it? It just breaks my heart. And you may never get it back. Ever. It's just gone. *poof* On deviantArt especially. There will probably never be another by the name you just gave up on deviantArt again because you just felt like it. But what do I personally have to do with it? Nothing, that's what. I may not like it when my messages contain a name-change, but what am I gonna do about it without making myself look like a massive pretentious self-righteous prick in the process? In the end it's your own decision to change your own name. Just make sure you know what you're really doing before you do it. (for a similar viewpoint on this see ILoveKimPossibleALot's video here: My Username and Why I Chose To Keep It. She runs an MLP analysis channel. If anyone has reason to change their username it's her.)

Name origin story(feel free to skip):
I was young and I was trying to think of the Mach 5 of Speed Racer fame. Anyways, I typed up Mach3 and signed up with it. By the time I decided to pay another visit however I couldn't remember my password. I tried to sign up with Mach3 again but needless to say it wouldn't let me. [It's really dumb in retrospect but at the time I didn't think there would be anything wrong with two people with the same username and different passwords.] It then redirected me to a page with alternate usernames based on my chosen name. It just added an extra word on to whatever you originally picked [stuff like if you picked "X" it would give you SpeedyX or something to that effect along with 5 or so others to choose from] but hey new name. One variant just so happened to catch my fancy, and thus Crushermach3 was born.


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